Kurs i syrekulturer, løype og koagulering med Trevor Warmedahl

3-dagers kurs med Trevor Warmedahl (@milktrekker) om ysting med naturlige startkulturer. Kurset foregår på engelsk uten tolk. Ny informasjon: Det kan være flere deltagere pr. ysteri.

Prisen (4500,-) inkluderer kurs, overnatting og lunsj. 
Overnatting på Dale gård (https://knuts-hyttegrend.no/?page_id=549) og Dale Grendahus.

Påmelding (zubarus.com)

Kurset starter lørdag kl 12 på Nørrestogo, og avsluttes mandag etter lunsj.
Adresse: Dalsvegen 211, 2940 Heggenes
Tlf Kathrin Aslaksby: 918 89 806

Program lørdag 9.sept

Day 1 – Cheese style #1 : LACTIC COAGULATION (chèvre, and little white mold cheeses)
Lactic Cheese will be made by mixing 2 starters: pre-made Clabber and Kefir. I will define lactic coagulation and the effects of this high acid fermentation.

NATURAL CHEESE FUNDAMENTALS (Starters, coagulants, materials, contrast this with the industrial paradigm). We will look at, feed, and discuss the pre-made clabber starter.

HOW TO: initiate and maintain our starters.
After lunch we will ladle a premade, 2 day old lactic curd into bags and forms, and get deeper into the concepts of lactic coagulation.

Søndag 10.sept
Day 2 – Cheese style #2 : RENNET COAGULATION (Most cheeses)
We introduce this style by making a rennet curd that will become feta.

RENNET: What types are available, how they are made, with a focus on how to prepare abomasums and extract rennet on a small scale.
# I will pass around a dried abomasum so students can smell/taste it and identify the unique flavor/aroma.
# Cheesemaking as a biological process rooted in mammal digestion.

After lunch, I will discuss:
# SOURCING MILK that is fresh and microbially rich, generating clabber as a test.
# MICROBES, HEAT, AND ACID as the basis of food safety.

Mandag 11.september
Day 3 – Cheese style #3 : TOMME cooked curd, firmer, larger, aged cheeses.
We will salt our feta, shape the lactic cheese, and wrap up the workshop.

# Make Tomme, our larger wheel, cooked, aged cheese
# Cheese aging, and how to care for tomme, and aged lactic cheese.

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